National Consensus Process

Youth Work Ireland's Consensus Process is approach whereby we work in a deliberate way to combine the views and opinions of all sections of our membership, including young people, staff and volunteers, with our practice, wisdom, evidence and expertise from outside of our organisation to inform and develop our practice and policy. Through this process we promote our work, develop our practice, improve our services, campaign for young people and strengthen our Federation.

Our yearly consensus process includes regional learning and sharing workshops, Youth Work Ireland Week, an Oireachtas Briefing, policy work, training and resource development, an advocacy and awareness campaigns, Oireachtas Briefing and National Consensus Conference. 

Youth Work Ireland's Consensus Process 

Outcomes of the Consensus Process

Participation of All Sections of our Membership
The work of Youth Work Ireland is steered, influenced and guided by young people, practitioners and volunteers - all sections of our membership have a say and role in what we do.

Promote Member Youth Services Practice
The work of Youth Work Ireland Member Youth Services is promoted, by identifying and documenting practice through the  Learning & Sharing regional workshops. 

Advocacy and Campaigning
Identification of key issues amongst members and lobbying of decision makers in these matters.

Practice Development
Identify practice issues which form the basis for training and resource development. This is then disseminated and showcased through conference workshops, website and seminars.

Policy and Organisational Development
Identification of an input into policy issues through learning and sharing workshops. Through the National Conference policy makers engage with us on issues and policy.