Youth Work Ireland National Consensus Conference

Positive Sexual Health
Young People Empowered and Informed

Venue: The Round Room, Mansion House, Dublin
Date: Friday November 1st, 2019



Youth Work Ireland's Positive Sexual Health campaign began in Spring 2018 with a national online survey and wide reaching youth consultation. We know from our work that young people want and need accurate, reliable and consistent information around issues of sexual health. They also want to be empowered and supported in their learning about sexual health in order to make healthy decisions that are right for them. Through initiatives, resource development and events the Positive Sexual Health campaign provides young people with opportunities to have their voices heard on all issues relating to positive sexual health.

Our Consensus Conference in November will be the highlight of our programme of work on Positive Sexual Health with expert speakers, panel discussion and workshops. The focus of the event will be around empowering and informing young people on issues relating to their sexual health, and in particular how youth work supports them make safe, informed and healthy decision.