Positive Sexual Relationships Consultation

Throughout 2018 Youth Work Ireland will be working on the theme of Positive Sexual Health. This topic was chosen from a consensus process in 2017 which included workshops, survey, online campaign and finally a vote at our national conference in October. 

National Survey on Sexual Health Issues

In March we conducted an online survey with over 1000 young people aged 14-24 in Ireland to examine their opinions and attitudes towards healthy sexual relationships, consent and inappropriate sexual behaviour. The survey findings show that young people are not turning to their parents or teachers for information about positive and healthy sexual relationships. Instead they are turning to social media, the internet and worryingly, pornography. The survey found that 42% of respondents said that they do not feel confident that good help and supports are available in their locality for someone who experienced inappropriate sexual behaviour. Interestingly the survey highlighted the positive role of youth workers in the provision of advice and support on healthy sexual relationships. Full survey results can be found here>>

Consultation with Young People on Positive Sexual Health

During Youth Work Ireland Week young people across 37 youth groups took part in workshop consultation to identify the topics, in relation to Positive Sexual Health, they want to learn more about, be heard on and change. The results from this consultation identified the areas of health & safety, sex education & laws around sex as being the issues young people want to learn more about, be heard on and change.


Young People's Consultation on Positive Sexual Relationships - Guidelines and Activity Pack for Youth Workers  

Youth work has a unique place in supporting young people as the transition to adulthood. This pack guides youth workers though a consultation with young people on the issue of positive sexual relationships and health. The aim of the pack was to identify specific issues in relation to sexual health young people wanted to know and learm about.

Download the Facillitator's Pack 

Additional Preparation Guidelines and Supports for Youth Workers Delivering this Consultation>>

Parental Information Letter>>

Consent Form>>

Additional Resources & Guidance 

Information on the Main Sexual Health Issues for Youth Workers>>

Resources, Publications & Support Agencies>>

Policy Guidelines>>

Literature Review on Sexual Health Education>>


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