Employment and Youth Work

Youth Work Practitioner's Symposium on Employment and Youth Work

The last youth practitioner's symposium of 2014 will take place on Wednesday December 3rd, in the national office of Youth Work Ireland.

Our final symposium of the year will focus on youth work’s contribution to youth employment and will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss with and hear from practitioners on this issue.

While not youth work’s main role, youth work can and does enable young people to develop the core skills and competences that are valued in the labour market. The symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss and debate the fit between this more focused work and the broader purpose of youth work, as well as the resource and support implications. It will also offer an opportunity to learn from those working in this area, and to consider the tools and approaches that are most likely to be effective.

Speaker to include:

Donal Kelly, Tipperary Regional Youth Service
Donal will describe the challenges and successes encountered in connecting young people directly with potential employment through the “Work Winner” programme which provides locally based work placements.

Bradóg and Sphere17
The lessons learned in developing and implementing a youth employment programme which provides young people with opportunities to develop work related skills and competencies will be shared by both managers and practitioners in this input.

Elaine Nevin - ECO-UNESCO
The approach taken by Ecounesco to develop and provide an employment programme that links to a specific issue, the green economy, will be the focus of Niamh’s contribution.

Padraig McGrath Young Carers Project, Carer's Association
Padraig will discuss his work in focussing on young people who are at a distance from the labour market due to their role as carers. Specifically, Padraig will detail successful approaches to reducing the gap between young carers and opportunities for progression into work and further education

Price: €10.00

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