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About Us

Youth Work Ireland Meath was originally established in 1989 and supports a network of 16 youth clubs and 4 Youth Café's across the county. We also support a network of community youth projects, and are developing a youth information service. Youth Work Ireland Meath is committed to a set of key values and principles, which underpins all of our work:-

  • That the Youth Service empowers young people to take ownership for their future and moulds that future through a process of personal development, which is educational and enjoyable.
  • That the Youth Service provides a real opportunity for young people to participate and be involved in the decisions made which affect all aspects of their lives.
  • That the Youth Service sees Volunteerism as the core deliverer of our service.
  • That the Youth Service is open to all young people with full and equal access.
  • That the Youth Service is Community based in full collaboration with and co-ordination of the network of services and organisations in the community.
  • That the Youth Service is innovative in it’s approach and has structures which support its long-term sustainability and development

Our 'Meet and Eat' youth cafe was opened in January 2008 and is a twice daily service that caters for up to 60 young people each day. The cafe provides young people with a safe, warm and welcoming place to go, whether to hang out during school lunch breaks, or to go to in the evening. There is also a study space which has been a great success during the run up to exam time.

We are committed to ensuring the provision of a quality youth service in Meath through recruiting, supporting and training volunteer leaders and staff; development of youth clubs and providing youth work practice and programmes.  We are monitoring, researching and disseminating information about young people and working with statutory, voluntary and community groups to meet the changing needs of young people and through the development and implementation of policies committed to best practice, such as child protection, Garda vetting and volunteer development.

Our Mission

To offer young people in Co Meath, social, personal, and educational activities in a dependable and professional way, seen by them to be worthwhile and fun while being constructive for their future and the future of their communities

Our Services

  • Youth Clubs
  • 'Meet and Eat' Youth Cafe
  • Teen Between
  • Volunteer Training

Contact Details

Youth Work Ireland Meath
Youth Café
St. Mary's Church Ground
Co. Meath
(t) 046-909 3402

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