About Us

KDYS provides a wide range of activities for all young people in the Kerry region. All programmes and services are based on a youth work approach which ensures that young people want to be involved and that by doing so their own development towards adulthood will benefit enormously. The aim of KDYS is to ensure that all activities result in better outcomes for young people in line with Irelands National Policy for Children and Young People.

KDYS create programmes and opportunities that young people can choose to get involved and participate in. By doing so they will benefit from the guidance of professionally qualified staff and trained volunteers in youth premises that have been specifically designed for, and with, the young people themselves. It is vital that young people have fun and can join their friends in a safe space. It is also important that young people can access supports to help them to address the various issues they may be faced with as they grow up and critically it is essential that we help young people to develop their own resilience to ensure that they can make positive choices for themselves as they go through life.

KDYS was founded to make sure that the young people of the Diocese of Kerry have access to these supports and opportunities. Through the many programmes we offer and through our dedicated Youth Centres across the region KDYS is available to all young people, parents and communities to discuss what options are best for you.

Our Mission

To enable young people to gain for themselves the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to meet their own and others’ developmental needs.

Our Services

Througth our 9 youth centers we run the following services:  

  • Youth Café
  • KDYS Drug Project
  • Youth Diversion Projects
  • Youth Information
  • Family Support
  • Community Youth Work Projects
  • Supports for Early School Leavers
  • Youthreach Projects
  • Neighbourhood Youth Projects

EurÓg is Ireland’s first ever youth centre to be associated with the Council of Europe.  It was opened in KDYS in 2017 and connects our young people with others all across Europe. The centre creates opportunities, expanding the lives of young people and communities. Everyone has a voice and young people learn by leading and doing. 

EurÓg seeks to guarantee the right of young people to full and reliable information, which helps them make many choices they face in their lives. By empowering, we provide young people with the tools and the platform to support them find their voice and use it.

EurÓg helps to connect young people to society, to Europe, to each other and to all kinds of new opportunities. We work with and not just for youth because democracy and participation are core to what we do. Together we create a new kind of space where confident, inspired young voices dominate.


Co. Kerry
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