Canal Communities Regional Youth Service

About Us

The Canal Communities Regional Youth Service is a project based on south side of Dublin City. We serves the communities of Bluebell, Inchicore and Rialto. Our remit is to develop a network of community based youth projects, youth clubs and youth groups in the area and to provide support services for those groups. The Canal Communities is a name that was given to the three areas named above for the purpose of funding for local community development, drugs intervention, youth work, education, enterprise, training and employment programmes. CCRYS was set up in 1999. It was established to support the many youth groups in the area that are run by volunteers and by paid workers through training, volunteer development and the development of youth group programmes. The idea of the CCRYS came from a group called the Children and Young People’s Forum within the Canal Communities Partnership back in 1997. A number of youth workers from youth projects and youth clubs came together and the idea of an organisation that would assist in the development of youth groups across the region emerged. It was agreed that the support to be offered would be to youth groups including sports and uniformed groups, youth projects and clubs, after school projects and services for young people marginalised by ethnicity, disability or educational disadvantage. The support would include networking opportunities, volunteers, training, help with funding applications, cross community activities for young people to get involved in and advocacy on behalf of the groups. The CCRYS was seed funded by the partnership to get up and running and in 1999 through funding from the Young People’s Facilities and Services Fund, three workers were employed to begin the work.

Our Mission 

To enhance the quality of life and choices for young people, engaging and supporting a diverse range of youth services and activities. We acknowledge the rights of young people that include equality, respect, participation and inclusion.

Our Services

CCRYS is governed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives of local youth groups from each of the areas of Bluebell, Rialto and Inchicore. We break the areas up into different types of youth groups. The four areas are:

  • Community youth projects
  • Youth Clubs
  • Sports and uniformed groups
  • Groups that work with young people who are marginalised by ethnicity, disability or educational disadvantage.
  • After School Projects
  • Summer Projects
  • Special Interest Groups


Canal Communities Regional Youth Service
Bluebell Youth Centre
Bluebell Road
Dublin 12
(t) 01-473 8439