Skill IT for Youth

In 2018 Youth Work Ireland will take the lead on an exciting new project - Skills IT for Youth - which will support youth workers to develop digital skills to use in their practice with young people. This programme is supported by Erasmus+ and Leargas and we will be working with Irish and European partners. 

The aim of this project is to equip youth workers with digital skills to enhance young people’s futures in the 21st century, with particular referenced to their employability. It will help enable youth workers to support young people in developing their ICT, digital and social media skills to enhance their employability, civic participation and wellbeing. The project is in line with the Erasmus+ goal which stresses the need for more highly qualified young people for the digital economy.

The project will enable youth organisations to improve the services provided to young people by professionalising youth workers in using ICT, digital and social media. It will contribute to the development of competences & quality standards for youth workers, and reinforce the links between policy, research & practice in the field of digital youth work.

The project will equip youth workers to use new learning materials to develop workshops for young people using ICT, digital and social media and support youth organisations to develop digital strategies to contribute to:

  • Foster inclusion & employability of young people – with a focus on youth at risk
  • Ease the transition of young people to adulthood – with a focus on employability
  • Reach out to marginalised youth
  • Open youth work to cross sectoral cooperation
  • Raise awareness and promote the importance of digital youth work

​Our partners in the project are:

Camara Education (Ireland)
KDYS (Ireland)
Fundatia Danis (Romania)
Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway)
Fundacja Robinson Crusoe (Poland)