“Youth Services Can Lead the Way on Working with Travellers After Ethnic Recognition”

Press Release
Youth Work Ireland
March 2nd 2017

“Youth Services Can Lead the Way on Working with Travellers After Ethnic Recognition” Says Leading Youth Organisation

Youth Work Ireland has warmly welcomed the announcement by the Government that Travellers are to be recognised as an ethnic minority. The youth organisation, which has several local Traveller projects around the country, has been calling for such recognition for many years. Youth Services around the country have played an important role in making links to young Travellers. Youth Work Ireland has been working in partnership with other groups on policy priorities identified by young Travellers to support youth service development towards improved practice.

“Youth Work Ireland has been responding to understanding barriers young Travellers face in accessing youth work services as evidenced by the “Nexus” research company as well as developing practical tools for youth work services to enhance and improve services for young Travellers. While youth services operate many Traveller projects they still see the need to improve their accessibility and ensure they have strong policies and procedures to ensure this” said Michael Mc Loughlin of Youth Work Ireland.

“Travellers are one of the most discriminated against groups in Irish society and this has huge impact on young Travellers. The social and economic exclusion young Travellers face leads to huge issues and problems for them. Youth projects need to develop specific strategies and outreach to ensure they can continue to work with this key group. A specific took box has been developed through our EU Funded project which can make a big difference to the future of this work” Mr. Mc Loughlin added.

Contact: Michael Mc Loughlin 087 6677499

Editor’s Note: The intellectual outputs are the result of funded and associated activities of an Erasmus+ EU funded project entitled “Identifying and developing and sharing best practice approach for engaging with, retaining and working with Young Travellers”.