“Youth Guarantee Report Challenges Government to do Much Better” Says leading Youth Organisation


Press Release
Youth Work Ireland
April 5 2017

“Youth Guarantee Report Challenges Government to do Much Better” Says leading Youth Organisation

The EU Youth Guarantee, which aims to ensure all young people receive a quality offer of a job education or training within 4 months of becoming unemployed, still has a long way to go to demonstrate real and clear added value for young people according to Youth Work Ireland. The group was reacting to the publication of a European Court of Auditors report on the operation of the scheme across Europe. The organisation, many of whose members provide employment and training projects for young people, believes immense improvements could be made to the reach and success of the Guarantee if youth organisations had a greater role in delivering it. This is particularly the case for hard to reach young people who still do not get the full benefit of the spending. The Report by the EU’s financial watchdog found that that the scheme had a limited effect and failed to reach initial expectations

“The EU Youth Guarantee has been a welcome initiative as the EU has prioritised the labour market situation of young people more than our national government. This report on the operation of the guarantee shows there are many issues to address. There are clearly data problems with the documentation showing there are no identifiable outcomes for many young people from participation. The engagement and reach to the most disadvantaged remains an issue and we see this in our work. The systematic involvement of youth organisations particularly those who work with the most disadvantaged young people from the outset could have offered a lot to the programme. The delivery of the guarantee is rooted far too much in the traditional institutions of often failed labour market interventions. Youth organisation need to be more central to its delivery from here on.” Said Michael Mc Loughlin of Youth Work Ireland

“While there have been improvements in the field of youth unemployment recently the figures still remain stark and are undoubtedly “improved” by huge increases in emigration. It is now clear that the days of austerity are over and the Government is faced with a relatively positive budgetary situation. In order to restore some of the damage done during the recession youth employment, education and training must be a priority. The Youth Guarantee offers a good opportunity with some funding attached to really make a lasting impact on this issue but the Irish Government needs to make a big effort to be innovative in getting to the most hard to reach. Clearly a renewed commitment to young people and youth unemployment in the field of education and training related to the Youth Guarantee should be a cornerstone of Irelands approach to the structural funds and the European Social Fund in particular. In our view plans agreed with the European Commission in this regard fell well short of the ambition needed” Mr. Mc Loughlin added


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