Minister Reilly announces capital grants for youth projects and organisations throughout the country

Minister Reilly announces capital grants for 50 youth projects and organisations throughout the country

Dr James Reilly TD, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, has today (Monday December 1st 2014) announced the allocation of capital grants to 50 youth projects and organisations throughout the country for small to medium scale equipment and upgrade projects.

The aim of this capital funding scheme is to provide much needed assistance to youth projects to improve the facilities and equipment available for their work with young people in their communities. The grants awarded today will provide for the up-grade or replacement of equipment or for the purchase of essential equipment to support the running of the project/organisation. Examples of the projects funded include purchase of mini-buses, IT and multi-media equipment, sport and outdoor pursuit equipment and other essential pieces such as furniture and kitchen upgrades.

Minister Reilly stated: “I am very pleased to be in a position to announce the allocation of these grants to the 50 successful applicants. These youth services do vital work in some of the more disadvantaged communities in our society. I am confident this grant will assist in improving the quality of the services and their facilities to the benefit of young people involved. The provision of the funding underscores the Government’s commitment to enhance the quality of services which add such value to our communities.”

The Minister particularly recognises the commitment of the many volunteers involved in assisting and managing youth projects throughout the country. This voluntary effort, combined with the professionalism and dedication of youth service employees, makes a significant contribution to ensuring the lives of young people are enhanced and improved through the services offered by youth projects.

The Minister thanked Youth Officers in local Education and Training Boards for their work in supporting local youth projects and their assistance to his Department in the operation of this scheme.

The Capital funding scheme for small to medium capital grants is open to applications from Department of Children and Youth Affairs funded projects under the Special Projects for Youth Scheme (SPY), Youth Information Centres (YICs), Young People’s Facilities and Services Fund (YPFSF) and Local Drugs Task Force (LDTF) (21 mainstreamed projects). As a once-off exceptional measure the scheme is also open to a number of national youth organisations.

The grant scheme remains open for applications in early 2015 for capital projects related to health and safety improvements to premises (e.g., improved access for young people with disabilities; fire doors) and/or upgrade or refurbishment of premises (e.g. window replacements; heating upgrades).

Full details of the scheme and contact addresses for Education and Training Boards are available on the Department of Children and Youth Affairs website at

Youth Information Café/Early school leavers programme Monaghan - €14,578.48

The Cavan Centre funded by City of Dublin Youth Services Board, Cavan - €10,000.00

Churchfield Cork, Cork - €12,143.00

Cloyne Diocesan Youth Services, Cork County, Cork - €14,428.00

St Kevins Youth Encounter Project, Cork - €4,020.87

SAYS - South Area Youth Service, Dublin City - €15,000.00

Poppintree Youth Project, Dublin City - Ballymun - €4,862.30

Clay Crumlin Lower, Dublin City - €3,393.00

East Wall North Port, Dublin City - €3,393.00

Outdoor Learning Centre, Dublin County - €15,000.00

Balbriggan Youth Service, Dublin County - €15,000.00

Blanchardstown Youth Service, Dublin County - €14,951.23

The DECK, Donegal - €15,000.00

Travteen Youth Service, Letterkenny, Donegal- €7,231.00

Forum Adolescent Support Programme, Galway - €11,377.00

Westside Project Youth Work Ireland, Galway - €4,898.98

Youth Work Ireland, Roscommon, Roscommon - €8,995.45

Listowel SPY (Special Project for Youth), Kerry - €11,040.26

Killarney SPY (Special Project for Youth), Kerry - €7,500.00

Tralee SPY (Special Project for Youth), Kerry - €7,500.00

Kildare Town Curragh, Kildare - €15,000.00

Wicklow Travellers Group, Wicklow - €6,260.56

The Seomra Bray and Ballywaltrim, Wicklow - €13,091.60

Carlow Regional Service, Carlow - €15,000.00

Ossory Youth, Kilkenny - €15,000.00

Youth Work Ireland Laois, Laois - €14,987.01

Tullamore Youth Project, Offaly - €1,681.57

St John's Partnership, Limerick - €13,134.00

Loobagh Area Youth Project, Limerick - €4,943.00

Clare Youth Service, Clare - €11,423.00

Foroige Athlone, Westmeath - €13,227.39

Midlands Regional Youth Service Westmeath, Westmeath - €1,000.00

Youth Work Ireland Coxes, Louth - €3,020.00

Dundalk Youth Café, Louth - €9,520.00

Involve, Meath - €12,142.62

Sligo Leitrim Home Youth Liason School Project, Sligo/Leitrim - €8,311.52

Ballina Youth Project, Mayo - €10,389.28

Tipperary SPY (Special Project for Youth), Tipperary - €14,810.20

Tipperary Youth Information Project, Tipperary - €11,345.69

Foroige Nenagh Youth Development Project, Tipperary - €10,256.28

Edmund Rice Youth and Community Multiplex, Waterford - €4,786.80

Ferrybank Drug Prevention, Waterford - €13,596.15

Northern Suburban Community Youth Project, Waterford - €1,759.92

National Organisations

Eco Unesco - €15,000

Ogras - €14,105.26

Irish Methodist Youth and Children’s Department - €15,000

Young Irish Film Makers - €15,024.45

National Association for Youth Drama - €10,864.36

Catholic Guides of Ireland - €2,503

Voluntary Service International - €2,503.00