Killarney Youth Centre becomes the first Youth Centre in Ireland to be awarded the Quality Label

On Tuesday June 6th, the European Youth Centre (EYC) in KDYS Killarney, was awarded the Quality Label for Youth Centres from the Council of Europe.

This award means that the EYC will be working with the Council of Europe in new and exciting ways. All kinds of opportunities will open up for communities both here and across the continent. New doors are opening for our young people. Together we will share great ideas and shape great futures. The award also recognises the quality of our service. We are the only Irish youth centre to ever receive it.

The Award was presented by Antje Rothemund, Head of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, in the presence of Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, Dr. Katherine Zappone. The Award means the Killarney EYC will be working with the Council of Europe in new and exciting ways to create multiple opportunities for young people and communities both in Ireland and across Europe.

About the European Youth Centre

European Youth Centre Ireland is where fantastic, future-shaping experiences happen, and that’s why it is a meaningful, compelling place for so many communities – local, international, corporate and most important of all, for our young people. Young people shine bright with us. Our young people are front and centre always. European Youth Centre Ireland seeks to guarantee the right of young people to full and reliable information, which helps them make the many choices they face in their lives. We empower. We provide the tools. We provide the platform. We help young people find their voice and use it. We help connect young people to society, to Europe, to each other and to all kinds of new opportunities. We work with and not just for youth because democracy and participation are core to what we do. Together we create a new kind of space where confident, inspired young voices dominate. It’s an expansive space that offers room for free thinking and action; room to grow. We’re setting new standards in youth services, and we’re doing it in a new democratic way that sends ripples of positivity and empowerment out into the wider community. That’s what makes European Youth Centre Ireland exciting. Our young people are creating a bright, fair future and leading us into it.

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