CoOp Project and September Seminar

Cooperate to Operate Project

Youth Work Ireland will host a seminar on the CoOp Project on Thursday September 27th in the national offices of Youth Work Ireland. As well as presenting the findings of the CoOp ‘Cooperate to Operate’ Erasmus+ Project so far, we will bring together the youth sector and representatives from the Business sector, in particular SMEs, and CSR/Fundraising experts. You can expect interesting discussions and we will take your suggestions on how to make our training and toolkit offerings most relevant to you.’The event will bring together representatives of the youth sector and SMEs to explore how they can build successful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Dublin Meeting July 2018

The third project meeting of #CoOp project was held in Dublin, Ireland, between 6-9 July, 2018. The Irish partner of the project Youth Work Ireland (Ireland) hosted participants representing partner organizations Asset Tec (Greece), Fundacja Robinson Crusoe (Poland), Fundatia Danis (Romania) and Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway). During the project meeting, the partners got the chance to revise the progress made so far with the ongoing intellectual outputs work, more precisely the national and comparative research about the collaboration between SMEs and youth organizations, the best practices guide for youth organizations from the five partner countries, the CoOp Vlog and the training toolkit and the ready fundraising tools aimed to enhance youth organizations’ capacity to attract the SMEs’ financial support.


Asset Tec presented to the partners the successful case studies identified in Greece, stories that will be included in CoOp Best Practices Guide aimed at inspiring more and better cooperation between the youth organizations and SMEs. Following the examples provided by Asset Tec, the rest of the partners will identify and write inspiring stories from their own communities. Coordinated by Fundacja Robinson Crusoe, partners used design thinking methods to draft the structure of the CoOp training toolkit, designed to provide theory and relevant scenarios for developing youth workers’ knowledge and skills to better cooperate with SMEs from their communities. The training toolkit will be piloted in a transnational training that will be held in Greece, at the beginning of 2019.

Also, the partners learned how to edit videos with the help of Norsensus Mediaforum. These new skills and app learned will help the partners to develop video-stories aimed at motivating youth organizations and SMEs from their community to better cooperate for projects and activities targeting young people.

About CoOp

CoOp project aims to enhance the collaboration between Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and youth organizations, thus to promote and encourage private investment in youth development, and education. The main goal of the project is to support youth workers and youth organizations to diversify their funding sources and attract investments from the business sector, by professionalizing them in the field of CSR / fundraising from SMEs.